C (Gap) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press

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C (Gap) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press

Crank press machine uses crank slide block mechanism as working mechanism, machine driving system passes the movement and energy of electromotor to working mechanism, bringing forge to the die by slide block, in order to let roughcast engender transmutation. The gap frame power press is one of the categories of crank presses featuring an open frame, ie C frame or C body.

Because the c frame power press has an open frame, it has outstanding advantages compared with the closed type press. The working table is open in three directions, it is convenient to install the mold and operate, and provides good conditions for mechanization and automation. Due to the convenient use of open type crank press, it is widely used in various industries. It is the main equipment in sheet metal stamping production.

It can be used in punching, blanking, trimming, bending, shallow drawing and forming processes, and is widely used in national defense, aviation, automobiles, tractors, motors, electrical appliances, bearings, Instruments, agricultural machinery, agricultural tools, bicycles, sewing machines, medical equipment, daily hardware and other departments. In medium and small tonnage of presses, open type presses have been widely used and developed.