Eccentric and Multi-Link Type Mechanical Press

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Eccentric and Multi-Link Type Mechanical Press

At present, in industries such as electronics, computers, hardware and home appliances, due to increasingly fierce market competition, the precision and productivity requirements of stamping parts are getting higher and higher. Sheet metal stamping production uses a large number of multi-station dies and progressive dies to complete the entire process of stamping on one press. Therefore, in the face of new production conditions, there are several requirements for stamping equipment:

a. Stamping several parts at a time on one machine, which requires a press with a large tonnage and a large working table;
b. Using a progressive die to produce complex parts with the mold of 10 to 12 stations instead of the previous 4 to 5 mold stations, which requires the press to have sufficient table length;
c. Under the premise of satisfying the quality of stamping parts, the press should have a higher number of strokes;
d. Unexpected downtime not only affects production and will increase the cost, the press should provide advanced control system to protect the press, and provide monitoring of mold and yield, which can provide flexible choice for fully automated production;
e. High precision of stamping parts, press should be with precision slider guide and high rigidity body.

To meet these requirements, we have developed a new type of press, multi-link eccentric press machine. For more details, please visit our multi-link press page.