H (Straightside) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press

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H (Straightside) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press

Closed type mechanical presses are mainly composed of frame, working table, beam, main drive, clutch, brake, micro adjustment device, slider, air pipeline, balancer, lubrication system, main oil tank, die cushion, ladder, electrical control system and other components.


H Frame Press Features in Structure:

  1. The frame and beam are steel welded structures;
  2. The main drive of sheet metal stamping machine adopts a fully enclosed arrangement, and the clutch brake adopts a suspended small inertia structure;
  3. Large tonnage presses use movable working table, hydraulic clamp, upper mold clamping using pneumatic clamp or hand-held hydraulic clamp;
  4. The main friction parts are wear-resisting, and adopt the automatic quantitative circulation lubrication or grease lubrication, and have detection devices in important parts;
  5. With hydraulic overload protection device, die height adjustment and torque protection device;
  6. Movable working table is driven by electric or pneumatic motor;
  7. The micro adjustment device adopts a worm gear structure;
  8. Die cushion has many types of structure, for example, hydraulic, gas-liquid, for single-cylinder, double-cylinder, single-top crown, stroke adjustment, lock-up hysteresis, etc;
  9. With photoelectric protection and front and rear safety guards.